Opening 1132 Art Gallery

Here’s an update of the latest happenings at PINO BROS INK. This past month we welcomed 2 new Artists.  Andre Cheko and Ian Adams.   Andre was a guest Artists here a few years back and we are very excited to have his talent and vision officially on the team. Ian a lot of the locals may already know. Ian, another great artists came from our good friends over at Eridano’s Tattoo and Art Gallery .

We have also added a new address to PINO BROS INK. On October 22, 2016 we’d like to introduce you to 1132, our second location and Art Gallery Space just on the corner of our block.




Designed to be an Art Gallery and Ultimate Tattoo Room, this private 900sq/ft room is equipped with two 125″ Screens and 5.1.2 surround sound, so you can feel the star treatment we want to give  you. We are looking forward to sharing this space with clients and local artists!

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